Cellist - Pianist



Over time I have developed my own teaching- and learning method, which I like to use with my students and which has brought me to the conviction that you can lean significantly more and faster than you might think. There are certain mental blockades in the way of progress. If you succeed in breaking - or circumventing - them, you will gain the knowledge and technique you always wanted in a surprisingly short time frame.


The method is mostly based on practical work and only makes reference to theory if really necessary. This is a good approach not only for children (who also profit in their general development and logical thinking), but for adults too.


By the way, my personal teaching experience has shown me proof that adults can learn just as fast as children. In my view it is a prejudice that children learn faster, they just learn in a different way.


So don't be discouraged by the thought that you are an adult or "older" beginner. Simply start the music lessons. You will discover plenty of new things and have a good time doing it - which is what really counts.